Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Offically 1

how fitting. as i type this its 4:20 pm... these boys were born at 425 and 428... so i was about to be sliced open!

(awful awful picture but i was in the middle of freakin hard labor and of course tom wanted to try to get a picture)

and as i continue this post they will OFFICIALLY be 1! 

anyways.. today we went to the dr's for shots. we're switching drs this week. thats my goal. Thats another story.

The boys were weighed/measured 

Mr. K was 22.2 lbs and 29 3/4 inches

He's such a husky chunk of a little man. 
He is crawling everywhere
He gets stuck everywhere and squeeeels so loud that i think he really hurt himself.
He loves sto steal his brothers bottles.. or anything his brother has.
he is ready to cut his 4th tooth.
He has lots more (and thicker) hair.
he loves to talk and his screams are high pitched.
and when he's really tired/hungry - he can pitch a fit. whew. 
he can say mama and dada
he loves anything little - he loves little buttons, zippers...etc.
he loves to rock his body and shake his head "no"

ps its 425. when Kemp was born! Happy Birthday on the minute little man!!

he is sleeping through the night and takes 2 good naps
He doesnt like finger foods that much
he would rather be fed with a spoon.
Still doesnt like a sippy cup.
Drinking milk now!

Mr. C was 20.6 lbs and 28 1/2 inches. 

he is solid muscle.
Cruising on furniture and can stand on his own for a long time.
Hates to take steps that stinker.
this kiddo crawls so fast i can't keep up.
he LOVES food. if you sees you with a plate or anything.. he will race to you and stand up at your legs and beg for food like a little dog. 
he will devour his food on his high chair plate like no tomorrow. we like to call him our garbage disposal
he can say mama and dada and this kidloves to babble!
he LOVES his blanket. if he sees his blanket on the flor he will race to it and face plant himself into it andlay there for a few moments. its kinda cute!

ps its 4:28 - the minute Colton was born! HAppy Birthday to you little man!

He is also sleeping through the night but goodness that boy likes to wake up early
He takes 2 good naps (for the most part.. he always ends up pooping right during a nap and wakes himself up!)
he is a momma's boy

here are pictures from the little photoshoot we did and yesterday we celebrated their birthday since today we had to take them to get shots and then daddy had to go to YM's camp till friday! I still need to upload thos pictures of the smash cake and their presents.

this is going to be a MAJOR photobomb!

here is a sneak peak of the cake smashing.


Elizabeth Shideler said...

So sweetl double the fun! And those cakes look great!

Jody and Alex said...

Oh my word they are SO cute. I love the pictures of them with the cake. Happy Birthday boys!