Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mom, lets do crafts.

D always wants to do crafts. I dont blame her. thank goodness for Pinterest. I saw htese type of things done on soup cans but have like 50 empty formula cans in the garage waiting to be used for something. So we made a turkey and little turkeys for the door. Note : the turkeys on the door she glued and drew faces. Some are happy and some are sad. not sure why.. but they ALL have lots of good in their tummies.

she thought this was awesome and did a puppet show!

these were from halloween. Love the bat - thought it was cute.

we also did jack-o-lanterns and she wanted to do the footprint ghosts that she saw on the Halloween Barney last year. They turned out pretty cute!

on a side note here are my cute boys!

anytime this camera comes out Mr. C gets the cheesiest grin! 

this is Tom and I's favorite face by mr. k. a little smirk!

oh and this happened when changing colts diaper... just bought these new straw cups and was so excited about them. then I saw all that water coming out of that little hole thats open when the straw is up. How dumb. 

ps Tom started coaching last week... i think it was last week. i cant remember. Last week was the longest week ever. 

these days have been the longest ever.

cant wait till coaching is over. oh wait. thatll be in June. 

is it summer vacation yet?

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Jody and Alex said...

I want to fly out now and squeeze those boys. So cute!