Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lost Pictures

We didnt get ANY pictures of our halloween! Im so mad at myself. this is when i wish i had a smart phone where i could take pics and upload them online. So annoying. Anyways...

around 4 that day we went over to the elementary school in Riddle where Tom teaches. His Leadership class was putting on the haunted house there and helping around with the activities. It took awhile for D to warm up but the funny thing is... once she went through the haunted house (which was actually pretty scary from what i heard - she went through and told the zombies to "shoo! shoo!" haha. But everyone said it was awesome!

Anyways there was a cake walk that D won once and she picked out day old doughnuts ... gross. but they had frosting on them. Oh well! she was happy. She also got lots of candy and bubbles. ALso a new pencil that she now is obsessed with. She has been drawing nonstop.

(this is a picture of daddy (and mommy on his side?) and notice his stomach with food inside. She has been watching some Magic School Bus on netflix and she is always asking about our bloodstream. haha. Maybe she will be a dr...

she wanted to draw our family so i helped out and she had to do faces. notice blue face for daddy and kemp who have blue eyes and brown face for us with brown eyes! 

i saw thi sone and i was like "what is this?" she said "ohhh thats me and im sad and crying"

and notice she likes to draw arms out of their head. haha might need to work on that.

ANyways - tom had to stay behind and help with the festival so we came back and went trick or treating down town. our town is so small that all the downtown stores close early and hand out candy. EVERYONE - hundreds and hundreds of people walk up and down main street in their costumes. Its pretty nice actually and D made out with a good load of candy. Its definitely different though since nobody really does door to door trick or treating. We had a bowl of all of D's candy we wouldnt eat to pass out and only had 1 group of 4 girls come by. It was really fun though, and when we got home D had to go potty and when she sat on that potty she said "this was the BEST halloween EVER!" hahaha it was cute and i was glad she had a good time.

This is the morning after when she got to eat her (disgusting) donut....ewe.
(she did have an actual breakfast after eating the frsoting!)

that day the boys were EXHAUSTED. Colton is the lightest sleeper. you walk into that room and he pops up. But i went in to get Kemp and he stayed asleep. he was too cute i had to get a picture. he even stayed asleep during that. (and yes, those are D's old bumpers! he puked on his about a month ago and they are a pain in the butt to put on so he's going to have to stick with a half girly crib!)

i dont know where these pictures went... but they were from when we were up at mom and dads last. I dont know WHAT she was trying to do but when i said "say cheese" she started modeling like crazy. it was hilarious.

and another of all the boys. i didnt realize I had this pic! Paysen knew just what to do hoping on the back of the stroller. 

I finaly charged my video camera. hopefully ic an get more home videos of these little kiddos. I love when i see other people who have videos of when they were a kid. i want to be able to have these for my kids when they're older. 

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Jody and Alex said...

Those modeling pictures are amazing! What a cute and funny girl! E drew arms and legs out of the head all the time.Those pics of Colton sleeping are so so so cute.