Tuesday, November 12, 2013


how everyone in our family is sick except Tom is beyond me. we rarely leave the house as and Tom works with germy kiddos. maybe hes already immune. 

so we have had a lot of movies and down time. 

one night D wanted to watch the Grinch after i read it to her the night before. Kemp was just waiting at the desk wanting to watch so we put him up there with her. He loved it!

then daddy and colt joined in too

why are little boys so dang cute with no shirts on??

and this is acommon accurance

new thing they learned from D.... the tarzan hit your chest and yell. its hilarious!

they were too quiet when i was making dinner and came into this. thats our roll of tissues...aka the poor mans tissue.

the boys also got their second haircut. and D is obsessed with making "nests" where she puts all her stuffed animals and will watch a movie. the boys also love it.excuse her nakedness.

Tom had a 4 day weekend this weekend. it was awesome. now he's back to work and coaching. We cant wait for thanksgiving break! only a few more weeks!!

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Jody and Alex said...

The toilet paper pictures are so funny. They are so cute!