Friday, November 15, 2013

Trouble Trouble Trouble....

Oh my my my... what have i gotten myself into.

these boys LOVE getting on the couch (with help) to look out the big window. And bounce. ANd crawl around.

the other day we noticed that the boys got up by themselves with the help of D's pillows and blankets giving them a few inches to spare.

last night before daddy got home i was helping her make him a noodle necklace she painted earlier.
I noticed the boys werent being loud or fighting.. something was up!
i told D to go into the living room to check on them and she goes "MOM THEY ARE ON THE COUCH!" 

this is what i walked in and saw!

this kid took a few headers down into the blankets/pillows.... he didnt care and he laughed. 

on a side note - this was D's noodle necklace. she said she needed to pose in pictures... so here they are. Maybe she has a future in modeling.

other trouble these boys have gotten into - they fight over EVERYTHING. (there are instances where they actually play really well together and make each other laugh till they gag and get the hiccups. its freaking adorable!). The other new thing they love to do is go over to the glass tv stand and bang every toy they can find against it. Also Kemp has realized there is a shelf (thats glass as well) and he will try to climb in there. um not a good idea bud! They also love to come over and turn the tv off and laugh and point back at us when we say "no". those stinkers. Also - the elliptical. as i type this they are both climbing it and getting stuck.. I have been doing pretty good doing it mon-friday but i only do it for 15 minutes in the morning. Im ont sure if thats even a ton of exercise. It also takes so much room. Im contemplating selling it to make more room for the boys to play and so we can actually fit a christmas tree when the time comes.... which makes me wonder if thats even a possibility with these trouble makers! 

ill get more into how they are as 16 month olds (tomorrow!!) when i write a post about it.


can i just say im SO glad its friday?!

im so excited to have tom home for the weekend!

Its also my brother Seth's birthday today - Happy Birthday Seth (even though i dont know if he knows about my blog!) 

that also means 1 week till my birthday - 26 - YIKES! that means ill be closer to 30 then to 20. that freaks me out a bit.


Jody and Alex said...

They're getting so big so fast! Love Colt looking at his belly button! Cant get over Lany's poses!

Anonymous said...

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