Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Month Stats

Yesterday and Monday i took the boys in for their baby well check up (they have been a month behind for awhile). They both looked really good and they both had to get shots. I was surprised... Kemp did better then Colton. Usually its just the opposite!


Kemp is 18 lb 2 oz and 27 inches long

Colton is 16.12 lb and 26 inches long

one - you would never believe that my boys were 6.5 weeks premature.
two - how on earth did Kemp jump from being the small one (born 1 lb less then C) and then jump to 2 pounds bigger then Colton? Crazy
three - so crazy to look back at Dulany's stats and at 6 months she was only 14 lbs! holy cow.
(and its crazy to look back and see how much she looks like colton at the same age!)

All About Mr. K

this boy LOVES to eat. He loves all food (pureed foods so far). Even peas and green beans. I cant say what his favorites are because whatever he can get into his mouth he is happy with. I put him in his high chair and he gets so excited and opens his mouth and then he starts to get mad when im not fast enough. he can go through a jar of food SO fast its insane.

He has been sleeping through the night for awhile now. usually goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 and will sleep till about 4am and will go back down till 7. Sometimes he takes a long nap. Rarely. He is still cat napping usually. 

He has found his voice. Big time. WHen he is tired or hungry for a bottle and you're not quick enough. THat boy has QUITE the scream. And its sad. And his face gets beet red. He also loves to "talk". And he has the highest pitched voice for a boy. Its kinda cute!

he loves to roll to his side. he hasnt officially rolled from his back to his belly but if he wanted to im sure he could. He does amazing going from his belly to his back though! 

he loves baby einstein - especially "Old McDonald" as of yesterday he actually starts to laugh at the same part when it comes up. way cute.

He has the most amazing infectious laugh. He laughs at his big sister constantly at all that she does and even the other day i had the hiccups while he was having a bottle and he was CRACKING up to the point where i was laughing so hard i was crying. i so wish ihad it on camera!

And his eyes. i love those big baby blues. Everyone comments on them... (mostly like "wow he has quite the stare" or "oh he must be scared!") but i love them. 

Still no teeth. He chews on his thumb constantly. I want to say i see a little bump on the bottom but whenever i open his mouth to see his sticks out his tongue. He loves to stick his tongue out!

the many faces of Mr. K (he is so handsome in blue!)

those eyes kill me every time!

i love arm rolls!

those eyes again - and he's getting lots of hair! 

i just cant figure out who he looks like.

Love my Little Man Mr. K!

Mr. C 

This boy is a Mamma's boy. The other day in church i walked out to go fix my dress and Grandpa was holding him and i didnt even think he saw me but write when i got into the hallway he freaked out. Im not going to lie. i loved it! haha

He used to sleep really well at night. Suddenly he's been wanting to wake up all the time.

his smile. Love love love his smile. it doesnt take much to make him smile and its infectious as well.

His hair is getting SO thick. But its perfectly placed (kemps hair is all over the place! too funny). Its also dark. 

His eyes i think are still trying to turn brown. they are kinda a crazy color.

He is obsessed, and i mean OBSESSED with rolling onto his tummy. he rarely stays on his back anymore and rolls over and then gets frustrated as he kicks his legs and tries to move forward. but he somehow gets around. Sometimes scooting backwards. He is now doing a mini push up and yesterday he was working hard to get on his knees. He almost got onto his toes and im thinking he might do a bear crawl first

this boy does not like pureed food. He just wants to play and ill put a spoonful in his mouth and he'll stick out his tongue and laugh and smile and then spit. Silly goose.

he grabs at EVERYTHING. Dulany never grabbed this much and Kemp doesnt either. But goodness. I cant even wear my hair down. Wear a necklace. Yesterday at the Dr he was grabbing everything in sight.

still no teeth either. Dr said she could feel a few bumps but nothing coming up. He chews on fingers all the time as well. He loves to grab our fingers and stick them in his mouth.

Looooves to stand. (just like D.. you would think these two were twins!

found his toes and socks no longer stay on his feet. they end up in his mouth. 

for some reason.. this boy loves to put blankets over his face. I wish i had a picture. but he will put it over his face and just lay there. and then sometimes if he cant pull it off then he will get mad. Its just too funny.

My Happy Mr. C

seriously. so cute. (and if you look back you'll see how much him and his big sis look alike!)

the boys together

already fighting over toys!

this made me laugh. I heard Colton whining and saw that Kemp was kicking him in the head. I thought to myself Kemp is probably thinking "this is what you get for kicking me so much in the womb and taking all of the space"

i seriously still cant believe that these boys are 7 months old. theyve gone by WAY too fast. Sooner then we know it they will be turning 1. AHH!

Also thought this was funny. Yesterday i saw a picture of a newborn laying on the dads chest. Like a few days old. I told tom "aww i miss that" and he goes "already baby hungry?!" Not 2 minutes later i saw a picture of a fetal monitor that also had the contractions ... i showed that picture to tom and was like this totally makes me NOT want to have another baby. That was the most painful labor and longest labor ever. He said "yeah... we spent days looking at sheets and sheets of contractions .. im good!" 

Besides - Kaylee (Toms sister) is having another baby in october!! so we can always go up and visit them and hold her little one.

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Jody and Alex said...

So so cute. I wish I could cuddle those sweet boys. That's so fun to be able to look back at Dulany's stats and compare. Lucy was a whopping 20.5 lbs at 6 months so it made me giggle to think Dulany was only 14! Crazy huh!