Sunday, February 3, 2013

the past week

Not a whole lot has been going on this past week. Honestly, the past few months have all jumbled together... and have gone by insanely fast.

Tom has been occupied with basketball. He's almost done coaching the boys Jr. high basketball team. Only one more week! then i get him for 2 weeks before he starts coaching the girls varsity softball team. which will take even more time. thats serious coaching. 

We are getting over sicknesses in this house. The boys had bronchiolitis and ear infections. Dulany had a bad cough and often had rosey cheeks (as you'll see in some pics). Luckily she didnt need to go to the Dr.... and then Tom got the flu. And he's finally over that but now has had a nagging cough which he very well couldve gotten from the boys.

my question is. How the heck did I not get sick? Don't get me wrong. SO incredibly glad i didnt because I'm not sure what i would've done. But still. So weird. I gave those boys kisses when they were coughing up a storm and hugs and cuddles with Dulany.
I did try to stay away from Tom. (ps. its hard not to kiss your husband for 5 days!!)

Since getting better....

Dulany has been jumping on her trampoline, making valentines and birthday cards. The glue stick is her new favorite thing along with these little temporary tattoos she got that are princess ones. She loves to paint. She loves pretending that she can ice skate around the house. She always wants to help clean (dishes, sweeping and her new favorite is doing laundry... from loading clothes to turning on the buttons to folding and putting them in piles and carrying the clothes to her room. I hope this lasts!)
and most importantly she has started to really like helping with the boys. For the first few months she just let them be and didnt really pay attention to them. She FINALLY asked to help feed one of the boys and she loves to go make them happy if they wake up crying from a nap and she LOVES to make them laugh by playing peek a boo. And shes good at it. those boys love their big sister and are always following her with their eyes as she plays around them.

helping mommy out while i was taking care of colton. She said she would help feed Kemp! what a good big sis.

D always wants to bake. This time we made Oreo cupcakes. She had to have her whole get up on in order to make it. Every time we go to the store now she asks us to get a recipe to make something. 

I saw a pin on pinterest about taking pictures of your daughter in your wedding dress and give her the picture when she gets married. Total. Fail. This dress was just not the right one to get. And she was acting crazy so i got 2 shots before i made her take it off before it ripped. haha but these did make me laugh!

Here are some pictures of all Dulany hanging out with her little brothers. Some are funny. Some are precious!

D being so silly.

All of them watching baby einstein. 

these are precious.

Dulany really loves forts. and she has to have ALL of her stuff. which is a lot. 

She looked so cute this day when we went to go visit daddy at work. She asked for me to take a picture!

Colton and Kemp have been rolling over like crazy! Colton just learned to get over from his back to his belly. he is SO determined to get toys it was pretty easy for him. Kemp loves to stay on his belly and rolls over to his back. He arches his back while on his side trying to get over but hasnt yet. He's close though. They both started solids as well. I skipped rice cereal. I went straight to sweet potatoes and oatmeal. They did pretty well! I really had no desire to even start solids but its about time. im hoping this will help them sleep better at night. Kemp has been sleeping through the night for the past few nights (about 7-4 then back to sleep after eating.) Colton will wake up anywhere between 1-3 times still. Oh and these boys have everything in their mouths. i keep looking for teeth or signs of teeth but nope. They just love to chew! (and their fingers are their favorite)
Colton also loves to steal toys from Kemp since colton grabs EVERYTHING.
Kemp loves to find colton and stare at him.
Colton has also found his toes!

here are some pictures of them playing together.

this little boy is a momma's boy. I finally pulled the high chair out so he could play while i did dishes so he wouldn't cry. Today he saw me leave to go to the bathroom in church and started to cry. I didn't even know he saw me leave!

poor boys were playing so hard Mr. K fell asleep on his mat. which never happens. And he also sleeps with his eyes slightly open!

These boys love to cuddle in our bed. One morning tom got Colton who woke up and Kemp was already with me in bed. Tom decided to get the camera and right when i opened my eyes BAM there goes the flash. therefor my face looks funny. but i thought it was cute. I dont have any pics of my babies cuddling with me. even if i look incredibly nasty. (hey. its 5am and i was up a lot so its ok right!? haha)

ANyways. sorry for the INSANELY long post. but i didnt want to do 10 different posts.


and there is an insanely cute post below of how freakin cute my boys are. so dont miss it!

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Jody and Alex said...

cute cute cute! That's so fun that Dulany likes to help with the boys. Does Dulany have a superhero cape on on the trampoline?