Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day

Tom and I dont really celebrate Valentines Day but I love to get little goodies for Dulany and have her make her daddy a valentine. She had so much fun making valentines. She wanted to make one every day with stickers and her best friend the glue stick! 

I wanted to make something from tom from the kiddos and saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was perfect. I did Dulany's hand in pink and one of each boy's feet in red. 

then I wanted to get Dulany some valentine goodies and crafts. I made her a basket from the $tree (that place is awesome by the way... such good stuff perfect for her!)

she was so surprised the next morning. She gasped and then said "Is that for ME!!?"
cute girl.

then we just played all day. Nothing special. We did go visit daddy at work to give him a valentine and he was surprised! I love that we can go visit him during his lunch break. Especially since we rarely ever see him!

i was going through my pics and found this from last year! hahahaha 

seriously, this girl is a nut!

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Jody and Alex said...

Love the Valentine you guys made for tom. SO a fun idea. dulany is looking as cute as always!