Sunday, February 3, 2013

weekend visit

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kaylee, Uncle Jon and Cousin Ayla came down to visit us for the weekend. They got here Saturday morning and Jon and Grandpa went to watch tom coach his basketball team in a tournament. Grandma and Ayla and Dulany made cupcakes, made valentines and played. The boys got a LOT of attention from everyone and We even tried solids for the first time (see post below for pictures!)

the best was watching Ayla and Dulany play on the trampoline together. it was too funny watching them jump. it was the perfect size for them. Great grandma and grandpa roberts used to have a big trampoline and when all the cousins (ranging from 1-12) would get together on sundays all the big kids would get on and ayla and Dulany wouldnt be able to because of how rough it could get. So this was way fun for them! I got some great pictures of seat drops mid air and them mid jumps.

And ehre are the girls in Dulany's room playing. Whenever ayla came into the house she went straight to the kitchen in her bedroom. These few pictures are of them playing after Ayla stole candy hearts (a lot of them!) and stuffed them in her mouth. it was hilarious!

she also decided to get naked. haha

we also went to the casino in canyonville for dinner where everyone was staying at the casino hotel. after we decided to go swimming at the hotel. we were going to take the boys for the first time but the water was freezing.. as in i even didnt get in. everyone instead hopped in the hot tub. i havent been in one for over a year due to being pregnant last year. then dulany had a sleep over at the hotel with grandma and grandpa!

i stole these pics from kaylee!

it was so fun to have visitors come! seriously...if you want to come down, we dont mind!!

there is an INSANELY long post below so make sure to check it out. Don't worry. Lots of pictures too. And then another post below that with gorgeous pictures of my boys!

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