Saturday, February 23, 2013

life with 3 kiddos

Lately I have noticed that the boys are interacting more with each other every day. Yesterday I caught them laughing at each other when they would pull a blanket they both were holding. I ran to get the camera- bam they stopped. of course!

Usually mr. C has a hold of Mr. K... I was pretty surprised when i saw this... ahaha

(he had to keep tabs on his little bro! Made sure he wasn't going anywhere)

and i love this smirk. this kid is going to be a heartbreaker!

there are Kemps eyes again! and please please excuse the mess in my house!

i took D's braids out of her hair. HAH i was laughing so hard.

and so it begins. The other day i was washing dishes and ihear Dulany go "OH NO my snack!"
I came in and saw this. Colton scooted from a few feet away and dumped her goldfish out onto the ground. Im just glad he didnt pick any up and put them in his mouth. 

guess its time to get baby proofing!

"mom take a picture of me!" (she now gets my camera and everyday and says "mom lets take a picture, i think its a good idea?)

my cute little bug after the bath - Mr. C

"mommy take a picture of me taking a picture"

on the ipad we have the disney Jr App and she can watch a few select episodes and tehre is this cute show called Doc McStuffins. Now she is obsessed with playing Dr and coming up with "diagnosises"and i usually have something consisting of valihakers...haha. Here is her own check up station with all her animals (we even measured the baby brothers.!)

remember that camera she had? well i guess she learned to turn it on and take a picture. The life in the eyes of a almost 4 year old.

you can see how bad kemp wants to roll over. he can with a little help but he loves his side.

this cracks me up!!

i guess she wanted to get a close up of the carpet!

i also have a ton of videos i need to post on here. so stay tuned!


Jody and Alex said...

Ok I loved all things about this post. Kemps eyes and Dulany's hair were too funny! The Dr. station is such a cute idea!!

Anna said...

I love the Dr station! Your kids are adorable.