Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 year check up ... 3 months late!

(she stole my phone and got up on the couch and acted like she was texting or playing games! it was too funny!)

so i finally took D into the doctor 3 months late. Im not sure if i like her doctor too much... but oh well.

Anyways, she freaked out BIG time - did not want to get on the scale, did not want the doctor to get near her... everything. She took 10 minutes to even get weighed... she fought and kicked, etc. Poor girl was NOT loving this place. then again, the dr's office is in the hospital - not a very friendly place! (unlike the place where they have rooms with themes like trains and rocket ships, etc... which wont accept Dulany with her insurance.. Bah! insert - i miss rexburg for this reason, i loved her doctor)

She asked a series of questions, does she use a fork/spoon, does she jump/run...and then she asked if she knew 10 words... um... did you not just hear her? she just said "mommy, i want some juice" - i think so!

anyways. she was so exhausted fighting everything that when the doctor left for the nurse to come in to give her the flu shot - she fell asleep. and she only woke up a teeny bit to fuss because it bothered her and made her wake up... i was impressed.

and that was after the doctor said to the nurse "have fun with that" cause D was being a little difficult. (irked me quite a bit.. she didnt think that i heard her...)

anyways - she didnt get measured for height.. but she was 32 lbs, and im pretty sure she's 30 since she had big boots and a coat on.. oh well. Im excited when we can switch offices.

anywho - that was her 2 year check up - just a few months late!

she is saying a whole lot more and learning words everyday and saying sentances, she knows almost all the words to "i am a child of God" knows the whole "itsy bitsy spider" and "twinkle twinkle little star" and is repeating EVERYTHING so now i need to be very careful with words like stupid and freakin and things like that!

but seriously. she is too cute and i love her!

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Tiffany Fackrell said...

your "what the hecks" will turn into "what in the world" your "gosh darn" will turn into "oh bummer" and your "that's stupid" will turn into "so silly" hahaha...the first time you hear your child say something that you know also comes out of your mouth is definitely an eye opener. good luck. pretty soon you won't be missing your hecks and your stupids and your gosh darn its!! But you will definitely pick up on them coming out of everyone elses mouth and off of ever t.v. show and movie!!! HAHAHA