Monday, October 10, 2011

videos galore

i finally figured out how to get the videos onto youtube.. after much trouble with blogger and youtube.. holy cow.

anyways, these are videos from the past week or so.

her current favorite song to sing is twinkle twinkle little star..

she also sang it in this video - but this seriously cracks me up cause she must be missin her Cousin E...

and she has possibly the cutest giggle. cracks me up!
this is when she was watching barney - obviously something funny was going on!


Jody and Alex said...

These are SO cute but they make me so sad cause I totally feel like I am missing her grow up. I so hope we get to see her soon. E loved watching these videos- in fact she is now sitting on the potty cause Lany said so! hah!

Michelle Starrs said...

Cutest giggles! Her hair is soooo long!