Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday the family headed over to the Pumpkin Patch since Julie and Alex were in town. It was the opening day and we figured it would be cold and rainy but it only sprinkled on us a little bit and it was a good cool 65 degrees... we got lucky! Tom was busy taking his LSAT test when we went and came to join us later with Aunt Sessie. We had a really good time and Dulany LOVED it. I'm annoyed cause my camera died right before she went down the BIG slide! Oh well.. i LOVE fall and this made me even more excited for halloween and carving pumpkins, etc.

oh. Dulany picked out a baby pumpkin which was actually a goard and it looked like a christmas ornament so she called it a "chrismiss punkin"... but the stem broke off after we bought it (for 50 cents) and she was heartbroken. she doesnt even like it anymore and goes around saying "it froken"... poor girl! she is obsessed with "punkins" now. its hilarious! (im wondering if she'll stick her hand in the goo this year when we carve pumpkins!)

ok ok, here are the pictures!

and we finally got a few shots of our family (This never happens, and of course, couldn't even get a normal shot! haha oh well, good enough!)


The Sabatini Family said...

How fun!! I love all of the pictures you got. And, I am drooling over the way you are doing Dulany's hair lately. I cannot wait until Niccole has long hair!! :) Great family picture too. Wish we could have gone with you guys. Take care.

Jody and Alex said...

such good pictures of everyone- that looks like an awesome pumpkin patch!

Michelle Starrs said...

Dulany's hair looks awesome! I can't wait till Wendy has some hair! and the color looks so cool when it's in the braids like that. Pretty girl! And fall is the best season for sure :)