Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Update

as of late:

Tom is still in school. 2 days a week (and the occasional saturday) he goes to school down at WOU and every day he goes to the high school and observes in the classroom for half the day. He has also started helping with SATs/ACTs and athletics to make some extra $... he is also a happy man because it is football season. he has been getting tickets to the OSU games so he's been able to attend quite a few (including the last BYU vs OSU game where i got to go as well!)

Me - um. nothing... how sad is that.

Dulany - she is getting too big! talking and talking and she keeps getting taller it seems. Its quite sad! she loves her "baby" still but now she acts like its her actual baby (not just a comfort toy). she tucks her in to sleep, feeds her and reminds her that she loves her with "i love you baby" and lots of kisses. its cute. Maybe this will be good training for when she gets a brother or sister whenever that happens. She LOVES letters. we had the ones for the fridge but forget the fridge. she wants to play with them everywhere and she loves to name each of them. She knows them all and she's even starting to call out letters as she sees them on signs and shirts and what not. Too cute!
also - she has gone poopy on the potty 3 out of 4 days! (she did friday, saturday and today, monday) she usually goes in the morning but she didnt yesterday. im not sure if its cause we were at church and she grasped the concept that we do it on the potty now or if she just didnt have to go cause she waited to go while at grandmas house way later that night. But its pretty successful. Although, she sees the poop in the potty and it makes it "dirty or gross" and she doesnt want to sit on it for the rest of the day.... so we have to work on that.

anyways, here are just a few pictures. not a ton has been going on but she has been wanting to be in forts and things so she's been using her little "crib" as she calls her little bed thing and making forts on the couch with it. The other day she was so well hidden andi had to get some pictures.

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Jody and Alex said...

So cute! I still can't get over how funny and silly she was being in your lap when we skyped!