Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So some of you know that we've been on a waiting list for subsidized housing here in mcminnville. Basically if you're a student and dont have any income, then you have free rent.

that would help - ohhh since we've moved here but especially now. We've been on the waiting list a year to date. We were told it was a 6-8 month waiting list... well come july - we're still way behind on the list. september, still behind. I called last week and they said they were moving someone in the first week of november then there were 2 more people ahead of us.

i was pretty disappointed. I was like well, there was our hope of getting in before Christmas.

then today my phone rang, and it was the apartments and i was thinking, oh theyll just ask if we're still interested.... and they did. But then asked if we would be interested in moving in NEXT month! i was so excited i was shaking. no joke. We went in and had to reapply to get up to date information and she told us that we were applying exactly a year to the date. How funny.

i dont know how we got in so fast after we had just heard the bad news. But i am so happy and grateful!! and im really excited to get out of this apartment and have a YARD in the back. These "townhouse" apartments have a sliding back door to grass (which we havent had since being here!) and even were just remodeled on the outside and the inside!

so now we're just in the process of getting paper work done and background checks done. SO excited!! November 18th we will be in our new place (and even a new ward)!.


The Sabatini Family said...

How exciting for you guys!! That'll be great!! Can't wait to see it.

Michelle Starrs said...

So i tried leaving a comment earlier and I don't know if it took so i'll try again! Yay! Especially for having a bit of grass to play in. D will love it :)